As a long-standing producer of dietary supplements, we value the wide range of different types of tablets. The right choice of tablet type is crucial for the absorption of the ingredients, stability and mouthfeel. The aim of our development is a high quality product in line with the market with the cost advantage of the tablet.

We develop recipes according to customer requirements as new developments or based on our own existing recipes. The recipe can be customized with trendy ingredients for an individual tablet.

Chewable tablets bring the taste experience and offer many flavors. With this often round tablet shape, we also produce larger tablets. With 16mm chewable tablets around 2000… 2500mg tablet weights are possible. Chewable tablets are preferred by consumers who are reluctant to swallow food supplements and who want to take an exact amount of nutrients on a regular basis.

Oblong tablets are the most popular form in dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals. The stability of the components is high due to the compact shape. In this way, the valuable ingredients are better protected from the effects of oxygen, light or moisture.

We also refine tablets with a film coating. The film coating also protects tablets mechanically and increases moisture protection. Coated tablets are even easier to swallow and look particularly high-quality. We develop colored or transparent film coatings for tablets, capsules and softcaps. We mask a bitter or unpleasant taste with a flavored film coating with special additives. Film coating can also be developed without titanium dioxide.

An optimal development for the best results is the combination of suitable raw materials, auxiliary materials, tablet technology and know-how. Upon request, we offer customers this "all in one" approach or carry out product improvements.