Shipping information & shipping costs

Shipping is done with DHL Premium at the following shipping costs.

Countries of delivery Shipping costs
Belgien 12,00.-
China 60,00.-**
Dänemark 12,00.-
Deutschland Free shipping
Frankreich 12,00.-
Griechenland 16,00.-
Irland 16,00.-
Israel 30,00.-**
Italien 12,00.-
Kroatien 16,00.-
Liechtenstein 28,00.-
Luxemburg 12,00.-
Niederlande 12,00.-
Norwegen 28,00.-
Österreich 8,00.-
Polen 12,00.-
Portugal 16,00.-
Schweden 12,00.-
Schweiz 20,00.-**
Singapur 60,00.-**
Slowakei 12,00.-
Slowenien 16,00.-
Spanien 12,00.-
Taiwan 60,00.-**
Ungarn 16,00.-
Zypern 16,00.-
** outside of the EU

Delivery information

Shipping within Germany and the member states of the EU is carried out with DHL.
If you are not at home during the delivery times, we will send your order to a delivery address or to a DHL parcel station or to a DHL branch upon request.

Shipping to countries outside the EU ** takes place with DHL at the net prices (excluding VAT).
There, DHL Paket Premium International is used to deliver with advantageous, short parcel delivery times and customs clearance costs that have already been paid. The recipient only pays the country-specific VAT and any customs duties.